Edgbaston Nature Reserve

For many years Edgbaston Pool Nature Reserve was managed by a joint committee with members from both the Society and from the Edgbaston Golf Club (the leaseholders). The Society was largely responsible for the designation of the Reserve as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Since late 2010, the Reserve has been formally managed by the Golf Club alone, in association with Natural England.

The site is of great historical interest as Edgbaston Hall (now the clubhouse of the golf club) was occupied by William Withering in the eighteenth century. Withering, famous for the discovery of the use of 'Digitalis', was also the author of the 'British Flora' which has many records of flowering plants and fungi from Edgbaston Park.

The pool's bird life has been recorded since at least the 1860s* and has included hooded crow, nightingale, nightjar and hawfinch.

The Society continues to maintain an interest in the Reserve, and records of plant and animal species and notes by members are welcomed. There is no access to the Reserve other than through Winterbourne Gardens, which are the property of the University of Birmingham. Normal admission fees must be paid to Winterbourne.

* C. W. K. W. (1938). Edgbaston Park, 1937. Annual Report on the Birds of Warwickshire, Worcestershire and South Staffordshire. 4. Birmingham: Birmingham Bird Club (now West Midland Bird Club).


Edgbaston Pool, showing path along the dam.

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